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Your benefits from using the NetGuide terminal

    Added value for your guests

    Offer your guests something that links them to your location. With a NetGuide Info Terminal, your guest will be well-informed all around and will always remember this service. In this way, you link your guest to your establishment.


    Taking some of the burden off employees

    The constantly giving out of recurring information, which is also associated with internal enquiries, ties up personnel. Our terminal makes recommendations on many of the questions about the surroundings and therefore knows the desired answer. This means less work for your employees!


    • Information for the guests in many different languages

    Our terminal speaks many languages. But the user interface is not the only feature that is translated on our terminals - the complete content is as well. Foreign guests can therefore use the terminal without difficulty and in their native language.


    • No more loose collections of flyers or brochures

    With our terminal, you can get rid of loose collections of flyers. The terminal bundles all of this information and provides the guest with a wide range of offerings with destinations in your local surroundings.


    • Very little set-up area required

    The NetGuide terminal can get by with less than 1m² of set-up area. You do not need a large area to set up this type of info system.


    • Up-to-the-minute information for your guests

    In addition to the entries, the terminal also provides up-to-the-minute information for your guests. Examples include weather information or notes on special events within your local surroundings.